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HD Locals: Salt Lake City, UT

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DMA: Salt Lake City, UT
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I am have macro blocking issues with KTVX at 9:30 on 9/23/08
I've been having a loss of audio intermittently for about a week now on a two of my HD locals. But this morning the audio is just flat gone. I have check the problem channels with a converter box and they are just fine so it's something in the D* hardware / programming. I've tried RBR & pull the power and wait 15 minutes steps with no success. Is anyone else seeing this?

Problem channels:
KUTV - 2
HD (via sat) no audio
SD (via sat ) have audio
HD (via ota) no audio
KTVX - 4
HD (via sat) no audio
SD (via sat ) have audio
HD (via ota) no audio

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How are you listening to the audio?

Straight to TV? via HDMI? via red/white RCA?

Through Surround Sound Receiver? via HDMI? via Optical?

Since rebooting the HR20 didn't do anything, I'd look to other equipment problems.

11am and all are fine here.

nevermind, messed up setting on the audio receiver.

Thanks for making the suggestion phox.
I live in Logan, Ut and get the Salt Lake Locals. About a week ago (maybe a week and a half), my HD-Locals started pixellating. Just those channels, and no other HD channels. First time I noticed it, I thought maybe it was just storming further south, and that was causing interference. I checked the radar today, and nothing south, nothing really big even in Salt Lake. I reset the reciever, and no change. I have checked the connections on the back of the receiver, and the ones outside at the multiswitch (I'm pretty sure it's a WB68.) I called DirecTV, and they had me do the same things. The next step is a service call. I really can't afford the $50, or the protection plan, so I am hoping that you guys have some more ideas. Thanks for your help.

I have the slimline dish connected to the WB68. The cable then runs in through the window to my HR20-700 (0x02B3).
Forgot to mention that I checked the HD spot beams for my Locals, and I believe they come in on 103 transponder 21. The signal on 20 and 21 is around 98. All other HD transponders are coming in at 80+.
I had a tuner go out today, and called D*. They said that sometimes static builds up in the tuner and and so by unplugging for 15 seconds the static discharges and that should fix the problem. I unplugged the receiver, and that fixed the problem. He also said that can cause pixellation, so I believe that is what was causing issues with the locals.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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