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HD Locals: Santa Barbara, CA

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DMA: Santa Barbara, CA
Established: 4/18/2007
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Lost all four HD feeds - the SD feeds (and other channels) are OK. Noticed it at 8:30 AM thru 9:30 Monday Feb 9. 771 errors.

HR20-700 receiver
I finally lost my LA HD DNS Networks yesterday and now I am forced to watch the local feeds. Last night I noticed that none of the major programs are in HD on KEYT. Also they do not have the HD logo on the Guide on my HD rcvr and also on the Direct TV web site program guide. Is this true, that we do not recieve HD prgramming on this channel even though Direct TV says it is a HD channel?

On a seperate note I noticed that the quality of the HD programming on KSBY and KCOY is not up to par with the LA HD DNS channels. The Fox channel looks OK.

Anyone else see this?
Too many issues to post. Our "locals" are horrible and I really miss the more dependable LA feeds.

Issues range from:

When switching from "the commercial break" back to the HD program, the program comes back in SD (like the commercial). And oftentimes, stays in SD until the next commercial break. Our local FOX and CBS are famous for this.

When they run a crawler message (especially KEYT, ABC) the HD programming converts to SD while the crawler is running. They did this all through the upcoming digital conversation (and beyond). Why run it beyond the date? If people didn't have the right equipment, they couldn't read the notice anyway, right? All they did was aggravate me to death running these messages and watching my HD programs in SD.

Some HD programming is 4:3 format vs. 16:9 (what's the point of HD)? I never noticed the LA stations doing that (before they were removed).

On ABC especially, going from a commercial back to HD programming (like Desperate Housewives for example) there's a LOUD PIERCING NOISE like my house alarm that scares the hell out of me, and my cats all bolt out of the room.

Oftentimes HD programs are not in HD, but SD (like Dancing with the Stars last night).

Overall, totally undependable as far as HD.
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KSBY depixilating, sound distortions, etc. REALLY bad for almost 2 weeks now. Happens on both Channel 6's (HD feed and SD feed). Anyone else? Mostly unwatchable.
Just because there have been few posts to this thread doesn't mean there isn't an issue with locals in Santa Barbara.

KSBY is particularly onerous. They regularly interrupt the initial start of NBC Nightly News, often air local sports in its place, and regularly do an unprofessional job. I've complained to their staff and DirecTV to no avail.

This whole Local-mandate is absolute sh*t for the viewer. It should at least be possible for subscribers to pay to receive other local feeds (like KCET) and national network feeds. Knowing the better programming is radially available but off limits only garners resentment toward local programmers, and because DVR users needn't be bothered with commercial messages, there is no REAL financial gain for local broadcasters resulting from this adversarial marketing tactic.

Very dissapointing!!
Does anybody know why KCOY HD and KEYT HD look like crap via DirecTV? Everything looks to me (even commercials) very blurry, they seem to be almost like upconverted SD.
If only you guys had a change of address in the Los Angeles DMA. hint
KCOY HD has definitely improved over the last few days. I talked to the engineer at KCOY, and he confirmed that they have changed their resolution back to 1080i!:) Maybe this explains the better PQ.
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