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I don't know where to post this but on my AM21 OTA channel 33-3 (24hr weather) is missing in the guide info.... Who do you contact to get it added? I emailed engineers at the TV station and people at D* and heven't heard a thing back.

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Doug Brott said:
Please post broadcast issues with DIRECTV satellite delivered HD Local Channels only

DMA: Youngstown, OH
Established: 9/17/2008
Rank: 109

HD Locals available in this DMA
  • ABC - WYTV (33)
  • NBC - WFMJ (21)

For instructions, please visit this thread
So when will CBS (WKBN -27) and FOX (WYFX -62) be broadcasting in HD? I can catch CBS with my ANT, but I dont have an AM-22.. so I cant record. No biggie for me right now.

BUt, If CBS is over air in HD locally, why isnt D* carrying it. As for Fox... they are still broadcasting SD here... but I guess Feb 09 that will change. (?)

Is this a money thing with the stations and D*?
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