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HD Output distribution to different HDTV's

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I have four DVR's installed in various rooms.
There's only me and my wife though.
So rather than have the DVR in the room where it's being watched I was thinking of relocating them to my office where the four inputs from the dish enter the house. And reducing to two boxes to save rental money. Both HR21's

Then the issue would be distributing the HD signals to the various HDTV's around the house.

Is there some sort of RF remotely controlled HDMI switcher that would allow me to reroute the output from the HR21 to my chosen HDTV, eg living room, bedroom etc?

And, since I have Quad RG6 x 2 going to every room could I use this to run the HDMI signals? (I believe I've seen convertor boxes, baluns?, somewhere.) Longest run would be approx 80 feet.

Anyone done something like this or is there an alternative setup I should consider?
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You could get long HDMI cables and run them to the other rooms, then use an HDMI switch to select which TV you are outputting to.

You also could run component cables instead and simply use a component distribution amp which would give you outputs that are always active (no need to switch).

In either case look at www.monoprice.com for great deals on very long cables.
Oh I forgot..I currently have the HDMI going from my HR21 in the living room to my Surround Receiver so I think I have to do the HDMI route.
Doing a google I see switches that take multiple HDMI inputs and output to one.
Is there one that can do the reverse? Input from HDMI then output to one of four TV's?
Yes, they are called distribution switches (or amps).

Here are some very good ones (though pricey):

This would be what you are looking for I would think:
http://www.octavainc.com/HDMI switch splitter_3x4.html

Component distribution is cheaper if you want to go that route as well.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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