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next55 said:
I was looking at getting one of the hd only packages that Dish offers, but I was also thinking of using the feature where you can also setup an sd tv to the receiver in another room. Would I still be able to do this with the hd only turbo package, or would I have to get one of the regular sd packages so that the other tv could get programming? Thanks.
The only thing I would add to what others have said is that if you're watching an HD channel with content that is in 16:9 (widescreen) format, you'll either have the sides cut off or you'll have to resize the picture so that you'll see it in letterbox on your SD TV (i.e. black bars on top & bottom). The 722 (and probably some other receivers) will do this resizing for you, and you can toggle using one button on your remote.

As a side note, all "true" HD programming is 16:9, but some HD channels show material that was originally 4:3 (SD) in its original form, while others stretch it to fill your screen. The point is that you'll probably end up watching lots of letterbox on your SD TV, which bothers some people.
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