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next55 said:
I was looking at getting one of the hd only packages that Dish offers, but I was also thinking of using the feature where you can also setup an sd tv to the receiver in another room. Would I still be able to do this with the hd only turbo package, or would I have to get one of the regular sd packages so that the other tv could get programming? Thanks.
I am viewing HD channnels on my SD TV as we speak.I have a 722 HD (dual Tuner DVR)that has 2 outputs ,1 for my HDTV and 1 for my SDTV.The HD channels come in really well on the SD Tv ,but obviously they are not HD only the very best picture you can possibly get on you SDTV.
I treid for month before buying my HDTV to ask this question to the CSRs(whether you can view HD channels on a SDTV)Most CSRs refused to answer the question.If you want to get the HD channels before you get your HDTV go ahead and tell them you have an HDTV,this is a benefit to you as when you purchase your HDTV you can bring it home and start watching HD right away as sometimes the HD picture in the store will look different than it does once you get it home,this way if you dont like your new HDTVs picture quality you can return TV ASAP and find one that you like the picture on.
Also there are some channels like Universal HD ,Smithsonian ETC that you can still enjoy even without a HDTV,and also save money on your TV package.
In Summary NO you do not need an HDTV to view HD channels,but once you do get an HDTV what a difference.But in the meantime quite watchable on a SDTV.
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