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HD/SD question

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Bear with me for a moment here...

I currently have D* SD service with HD locals OTA (no LOS to 119 for SD locals).

I am having an HD upgrade on Friday where I will get my locals in HD from 99.

What will I need to watch my locals when they are not broadcast in HD? Will the 99 sat still broadcast the stream as my OTA would pick up or will I need to switch back and forth? Will my 99 HD locals be dark when my local stations are not broadcasting HD?

Does this question make sense?

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They will be on the same channel #. If your receiver is set to show SD duplicates in the guide. The first channel 2 for example will be the HD channel and the second channel 2 will be the SD channel.

Also, there will always be shows on both channels.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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