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HD Upgrade Installation?

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Hello all. We recently ordered our first HDTV and it should be here some time next week. I have a PS3 but I realize to get the most out of HDTV when watching the tube is you need an HD source from your cable/satellite provider and mine is DirecTV.

My question is, what all changes with my installation? Do they add a dish or will they take the current one down and replace it with one that can receive the HD signal? Will I have two dishes? :( Will they have to replace all the wiring? Will I need a new receiver for each TV or just the HD set? Anymore drilling? :( Anything else you guys think I should know about upgrading?

I apologize for all the questions but I found this site doing a Google search and I must say it is top-rate for satellite provider information based upon what I've read. I hope somebody can help me with the questions I have. TIA :)
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They will remove your current dish and supply a new one. All the wiring will remain, they will just connect your new receiver*. You only need a new receiver on the HD set, however, some prefer to get all HD receivers, even on SD sets, as it allows you to receive some channels that are only available in HD on every TV (the cost for new receivers is the only hinderence).

*Unless you're going from a standard SD receiver to an HD DVR in which case you'll need a second line run.
Jakz34 said:
What about going from a SD DVR to an HD DVR, would extra wiring be needed?
As long as you already have 2 lines running to your current DVR, no new wiring would be needed.

Jakz34 said:
How long does it typically take to install upgrade items?
It varies, but I'd say it'll take 1-2 hours to replace the dish and multiswitch (you'll need a new one of those too, IIRC) and set up the new receiver.
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