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starlight said:
Hello! First time posting . But my second attempt as I hit the "preview post" button and could not find a way to get back to this screen, so I'm typing it all over again. Hope I remember everything!

I have been with Dtv since 1996, although the site says 2004. I currently have two sd DtvTivos in two rooms. Some months ago I bought a HDTV and wish to upgrade to HD with DTV.

My questions:

1. I wish to use both my current DTivo and the new HR22 (bought it 2 weeks ago and been way too busy) on one tv is that doable or not? What would be needed?

2. Can I connect the new HR22 and start using it or should I wait for the new dish to be installed?

3. What would be the best dish? We live in the boonies here in N MN.

4. Is there a way to get HD national feeds? As the local channels we get on Dtv don't seem to come in very good and being that it's a small market they may not ever get to HD.

5. Is Dtv offering any "deals" to current subscribers? Such as a free dish, free installation, and/or discounts on packages?? They seem to give away everything to new people nowadays (whereas I paid for everything over the years).

Thanks for any help!
1. is it an HD TV. yes you can use both, but why. you would need connection cables for each rcvr
2. you can use the new unit with existing dish, but it will not get all the channels you need a new dish to get all channels

3. any Ka KU dish will work

4 if HD locals are not available you can apply for national feeds

5 offers depend on your value as a customer. you would have to call and ask
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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