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HDMI problem and Customer Service

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Just wanted to relate my experience with customer service. As with many others, my 622 HDMI port died about 2 weeks ago. It had worked flawlessly since April. Component connection still works. On my own, I went through all the usual attempts to narrow the problem down (resets, cable changeouts, etc.).

So I finally I called CS and got someone who tried to tell me that it was a software problem (something about HDMI not allowing software download), and that it would be corrected in November. When I asked about the soldering problem I've been reading about, there was a slight pause and she said she has never heard of such a thing. All would be corrected in November.

With the messages on this forum as inspiration, I called right back and got another CSR who said it was a known problem and they would send me a new box, no questions asked.

So it's just a matter of who you get on the phone as to how helpful customer service can be.
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Good tip....I'll have to remember it. It seems HDMI failure in the 622 has something in common with earthquakes in CA....it's not a matter of 'if' but 'when.'
Mine failed after one hour of use, no earth quakes in Chicago. john
jcrobso said:
Mine failed after one hour of use, no earth quakes in Chicago. john
True, but I have heard that it is, "The Windy City." :)
On August 26th this was posted:

Mark Lamutt said:
Definitely, absolutely not a software problem. That's being worked through all of the call centers now, but it's taking a while to make it through.
When I started to get argumentative about buzzspeak like "working through the call centers," this was the reply on August 29th:

Mark Lamutt said:
Wrong. Dish did give the straignt answer on the tech forum. The last word I had was that it is working its way though all of the call centers around the world, and that eventually, any CSR that you happen to get when you call will have the same answer to give you.

Being, if your HDMI port has failed, we'll replace your receiver.
So here we are over two months later, and guess what? :nono:
you're still being argumentative? :)
Really only because that information came from you. When hardcore information like that comes from an Administrator, I give it a lot more credence.
Here is my take.....

And the product I work on in my company has been out for close to 8 months. I can assure you if you one was to prompt ever CSR in the states and the ones offshore you would not get a 100% hit rate about my product, let alone know about a particular issue. Remember there is turn over, etc in a company and I am sure not all CSRs will know though the hope is that they will.

Perhaps Mark should have not use the word "any" in his response and just said most likely, but I think the point was made. It is being communicated to the CSRs and the result should be a better response. Perhaps not 100% success, but much improved. Lot different than no communication or the wrong communication.

Two things to remember. One, Though some of the moderators has contacts, No moderator here works for Dish or DirecTV. We also post a lot and I am sure we don't go through our posts with a fine tooth comb to make sure we did not overstate or understate our points. We try to post as we feel but sometimes they come off a little strong and a little weak. Not saying Mark's did, Mark can speak for himself. Just saying I have gotten into this boat a few times myself.

Well that is my 2 cents... though we do seem to be wondering off-topic here so lets try to wonder back on..
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