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HDMI quit

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Well My HDMI on the 622 quit over the weekend. This is the first time it has done so. Don't think it is related to the 5.12 software update. Wasn't the issue something about heat unsoldering the connector from the main board? Mine is in a shelf unit (open front and back) But only has about 2-3 inches space to each side and about 1/2 inch on top.
Does anyone know if dish fixed this problem in later 622s?
Are they likely to send a 622 or a 722 to replace it?
And does this have to be done by a tech like the original install or will they let me do it myself?

Didn't some one a while back have a source for a little USB powered fan? I don't think I have room for one of those laptop cooling plates, but I could put a small fan on the left side of it.
Thanks for any info.
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