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HDNet Christmas Theme Movies

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In response to a poster's question about Christmas-themed movies,
I wrote to HDNet at [email protected].

Here's their reply:
We'll be airing the following movies that have a Christmas theme:

Black Christmas - New for December!
Rating: *R* Year: 1974
Cast: Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder; Director: Bob Clark
Synopsis: A group of sorority sisters become victims of a psycho killer
over Christmas break.
Run Time: 1:38
Air Dates: Fri, Dec 22nd - 12:00 AM ET / Thu, Dec 21st - 9:00 PM PT
Wed, Dec 27th - 5:15 AM ET / 2:15 AM PT

Rating: *NR* Year: 1970
Cast: Albert Finney, Alec Guinness, Edith Evans; Director: Ronald Neame
Synopsis: Musical adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens' /A
Christmas Carol/.
Run Time: 1:58
Air Dates: Wed, Dec 13th - 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT
Sun, Dec 24th - 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT - *Classics*
Mon, Dec 25th - 1:30 AM ET / Sun, Dec 24th - 10:30 PM PT

Thanks for the email and please feel free to contact us with any other
comments or questions.
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That first one is certainly "Christmas-themed". :lol:
Wow.............I'll be sure to watch the 1st one w/my kids.
What about my favorite Christmas centered movie....Die Hard
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