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HDNet Mpeg2 vs 4

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Checking the resolution test pattern recorded on a HR20 from both Mpeg2 (old channel) and the new mpeg4 channel on D11, I show about 1080 lines in both horizontal and vertical for both...I can't tell any difference at all, using a 46" Sharp Aquos 1080p set with HDMI connection. I would have expected the new mpeg4 version to have more resolution, like in the 1800's or higher (the graph doesn't go that high, but...). The 1080i part was right on.

Anyone get HDnet direct (not via Directv)? Wondering if its their source graph, source signal, or if the loss is with Directv.

Not trying to start a hdlite argument, just curious.
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Compression would have no effect on the actual resolution broadcast, I beleive it would only allow for a higher bitrate. You would not see any difference in a static image.
I wouldn't expect any difference on static video displays, like the HDNet test patterns. Compression mostly comes into play for motion.
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