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FHSPSU67 said:
Next Saturday 9/6 10:00 AM EDT. Ch 79 is MPEG-2 and Ch. 306 is MPEG-4.
Gentlemen & Ladies, start your DVR's.
Thanks for the heads up. Seeing Ch. 306 on my LCD as a perfect picture/pattern warms my heart!


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eandras said:
Thanks fo rhte link. I was looking for the directions on how to do that. I was going to buy the disc from Best Buy once I get my new a new Blu Ray player tomorrow atCircuit City. A good deal for the Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray Player.
That's the Blu-Ray player I have, and love it.

btw, Best Buy will match Circuit City's price on it so you can get everything in one stop. :)
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