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I noticed that HDNet and alot of other stations take an Old show (for this example, Knight Rider). and make it HD,

1. how do they do this,
2. how do they get a show like Knight Rider thats 4:3 to 16:9 without making it stretched like my TV or Sat box lets me do.
3. do they add more resolution?

I use knight rider as an example because I am impressed how well it looks compared to the "streteched and zoomed" versions that I see on SD TV

I also noticed that they play Star Trek Enterprise , but I think thats a HD Show from the start.

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Most of the old series were shot on film. I believe that HDNet has done a new HD transfer from the film source. To get the 16x9 aspect ratio, they either use footage that was filmed outside of the 4x3 window that is clean, or they have to zoom and/or crop the 4x3 frame to 16x9.

Enterprise was shot in HD from the beginning.
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