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Hdnet's 'Dan Rather Reports' Looks Inside The Pentagon

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Episode investigates how decisions are made - and not questioned - within the walls of the Pentagon

DALLAS (September 15, 2008) - How does this country decide future war strategies? In this Tuesday's "Dan Rather Reports: Battle Plan" the program will shed some light on how the Pentagon is making decisions to prepare the United States to fight more wars like those in Iraq and Afghanistan - wars against counterinsurgency.

The Pentagon is internally debating and ultimately deciding what kind of armed forces America is to have in the future - and what kind of wars the nation will be most prepared to fight. The Pentagon brass believes that we will need to build up a big, "culturally sensitive" ground force meant to police cities and occupy foreign territories because that is what is "most likely" down the road.

Remarkably, few in government outside of the Pentagon are asking critical questions or even presenting alternative ideas.

Is the U.S. military focusing on preparation for a colonial-style power? If so, is this a good-or perhaps even necessary-way to go? And, concerning this, what are the wishes of the American people?

"Dan Rather Reports: Battle Plan" we'll take you inside the leading minds on the issue -- officers, infantrymen, and politicians - who feel passionately that how we re-shape our military is a do-or-die question for the future of the nation itself.

"Dan Rather Reports: Battle Plan" premieres on HDNet, Tuesday, September 16 at 8:00 p.m. ET with a re-air at 11:00 p.m. ET to accommodate West Coast Prime Time.

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Much as I agree with the some of the sentiments expressed here, they are off topic and have been deleted. Do NOT start it again.
Thanks for the heads up, Nick. Last night I watched a repeat of the show I had DVR'd and thought the D.S. One colonel's lengthy comments were very interesting. Obviously, I will have no further comment other than "interesting" on what he said, in accordance with User Agreement, Section (u). There are plenty of other places on the web where I'm sure that show is being discussed......
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