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HD's in VT????

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Afternoon everyone. I remember seeing a thread when I joined a few months ago, but can't seem to locate. I'm up in the Northern VT area and am looking to upgrade to HD. We currenty get 2 round dual LNB's for standard def equip., or a slimline and a round dual LNB for HD I'm pretty positive once we go local HD, we will get all over the slimline. I'm trying to time my upgrade so I will be left with just the slimline. Has anyone heard anything about the planned HD expansion for D11 and of so, when VT is on the list to upgrade? Our evil cable provider has all the locals in HD, so I am hoping D* isn't too far behind!

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The most current rumor suggests D11 will be in place and broadcasting by the end of this month. How quickly channels get added and when or if yours get added there's really no way to say.
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