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pogo said:
Would that it were that simple, but alas it isn't

Hmm, designed to simultaneously output video in three different formats, but not expecting anyone to use it that way? Do let me apologize for using D*'s equipment "incorrectly".

I've been with D* since 1997 (BUD user prior to that). Since 1999 I've been combining OTA with DirecTV and distributing it to four bedrooms and the kitchen using digital NTSC modulators. I currently distribute two HR10-250s, an R16, an HR21, a Dishplayer, and a DVD player using two four channel modulators, and two distribution amps which combine the OTA signals with the two modulator outputs I also have a wired IR system that allows me to control any of those boxes from any of the remote TV locations. So, it ain't quite so simple. If you get the idea significant time and money invested in this you're right.

The most puzzling thing about this thread is that none of the responders pointed to me to the sticky about solutions to this problem which is dated two weeks ago. Mea Culpa for not noticing it before. Stewart Sweet reposted one of the solutions, beyond that there were none offered in any thread that I found. Looks like I'll be spending $50 for a component/composite converter. The sad thing is that if it weren't so convoluted an operation to simply change resolutions on the fly I probably wouldn't even have come here. The HR-10s won't output SD and HD simultaneously, but it takes a touch of a button on the remote to switch back and forth.
Pressing and holding the Exit button is just one button.
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