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He shoots, he scores!!!!!

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i dont like Hockey, but what the heck, it is all I could thnk of.

So after i called to activate an hr20 that I received for free just today, as the csr asks if he has answered my questions, I asked him the question you all know was coming.

I ask about superfan or credits or something.

He looks it up, says he has something for free superfan for MLB, but nothing listed for football. He guesses it is because the season has not started.

I tell him I am not sure what people have been doing or how it has all worked. Some people have gotten pushed off to someone else, others have gotten credits. So he quickly says he can give me 10 dollars off a month, but unfortunately for me he can only do this for 12 months instead of 10.

So while I did not get an instant free superfan, I ended up getting SF for free, and an additional 20 off of the ticket which lowers the cost to 229 for ST.

I am not sure why I am always so lucky, but I have yet to EVER ask for something from D* and not get it. I am once again reminded why D* works for me.

3 free HR20s and 3 years straight free SF.
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I guess you need to get what you can.

Personally I don't like to come here and brag about the credits I've been given for various items but you definitely have reason to be happy.
I dont mean to sound as if I am bragging, I am sorry if that is how it came off. I am happy, but it is because of reading on these forums about the deals that others have gotten, that I myself have had the guts to ask for deals myself.

I do not like to haggle over costs on items like D* services. I would have never asked for stuff had I not been on this forum or the older tivo forum. It is only because of the good people on this forum that I started taking a different look at these things. If others are getting deals or credits, than i should also be getting them. If it werent for those people that told us al what they got, I would have never known what to ask for.

If they can give me 10 dollars off for a year, then you should be able to getthe same.

Good luck
My post came off harsher than I intended and I do apologize for that. When I was able to get some programming discounts I wanted to post about them immediately but I didn't want the people who weren't getting discounts to feel slighted or start calling D* and demanding discounts because they heard about someont on this board getting one.

But I don't blame you one bit for being happy about it. You should be. Saving money is always something to be happy about. :)
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