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Hell On Wheels Season Finale

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It's nice to see the Walking Dead return this weekend. I will, however, miss seeing Hell On Wheels. The Season Finale was quite well done and I will anticipate it's return, when it comes back, likely in the New Year.
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Oh, I was so upset at the finale! Really???? She had to die????

I'm mad at Bohannon for not going after the Swede after they found the Norwegian coin in the steam engine valve. Mr. Toole even pointed out it was there to make sure then knew it was the Swede, but Bohannon did nothing. If he had acted THEN, Lily would still be here.

And what happened to Joseph????

But regardless at my anger at the stupidity of this, I'll miss the show as well. I like the addition of Virgina Madsen as Helen Durant, and really want to see how the show is reinvented next year with Mr. Durant in custody and Bohannon running the road...
I'm mad as hell too they killed Lily. Did the actress want out? So Bohannon gets jobbed again on a women he cares for? Really kinda cruel.
Why not Eva, or Ruth for God sake? (and mine!)

And now there's nothing to look at. Damn cruel.
If nothing else, by burning the set to the ground, we know we'll be in a new location next year!
Yeah, heading west, from the bridge. I suppose more Indian trouble and dealing with the mountains. I'll look forward to the return of this show.
Hey guys, just as bitter as you all about writing Dominique McElligott out. Huge mistake, and blogs everywhere are full of folks swearing off the show because of it. An incredibly beautiful and gifted actress generating one of the most compelling and subtle romances ever on screen. And to throw it away arbitrarily like that. I have to believe she was getting a lot of film offers that paid far better. I want to see a lot more of her!!!

This reminds of the Great Waldo Pepper where in the first act they have Redford swerve the plane and dump GF Susan Sarandon off the wing to her death. Half the audience walked out. Writer William Goldman says it was the biggest mistake he ever made in screenwriting.

Same deal here, folks. A disastrous blunder. She was half the show.

BTW, that was Lilly's surveyor flag that Bohannon hung on the stick on the bridge. A pathetic yet moving tribute to his true love.

"The more I get to know her the more I...ah, you know."

She was in "Moon" (Rockwell's wife) and "Leap Year" (the bride). Sure looked good in that HOW outfit! She'll get a ton of work off this role. She's up for the second female lead in "Spider Man".
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Lily Bell disappointed me the moment she took to bed with Durrant. I had felt bad for her when she got pushed out of the rail road and then Durrant tried to have her killed. I lost all respect for her the moment she went to Cullen's bed. She stoped being "The Fair-Haired Maiden of the West" and used her ass-ets to get what she wanted. The show however is in no way over. Cullen has a railroad to finish and with all the problems that come with it I see plenty of storyline ahead. This show is and should always be about Cullen Bohannon, his continuing losses since the war and the way he chooses to deal with them.

BTW I hope that Eva's baby turns out to be Mr. O'Toole's and not Elam's. That would be good drama.
I'm sure that there's lots of good story lines and twists, to keep everybody watching. We have to look at the time frame, in history, and there's lots of things that could happen, due to reconstruction.
BTW, that closing song was AWFUL! And I usually love all their music. It was ugly and harsh-sounding and repetitious. Very unpleasant and a miserable way to end a season. Somebody blew it on Lilly Bell AND the song.
The initial premise of the show was him seeking revenge on those that killed his wife. Presumably that motivation is still in there somewhere, and having a solid continuing love interest could dull that.
larry55 said:
i wish lily would have live.
I wish Lilly would have an affair with me!!! :D
makaiguy said:
The initial premise of the show was him seeking revenge on those that killed his wife. Presumably that motivation is still in there somewhere, and having a solid continuing love interest could dull that.
Exactly right and him losing Lily now is going to add to that angst.
AMC has ordered a third season of its Western drama "Hell on Wheels."

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