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Hello FT post - Need 2 new R15s due to new roof

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Hello all,

I've been lurking here since I made the decision to get out first DTV DVR last Feb. Since then I picked up a second - retention offer since I've been with them since 1999. Generally pretty happy - no major issues until I had a new roof installed last week. We are not too heavy but now the whole family (4) is addicted.

The roofing team dangled my original DTV Plus satellite off my roof, much to my annoyance. They guaranteed resetting everything in the contract upon finishing the job. So last Friday when they were nearing the end, I came home to supervise this and check out the progress. The roof is great, top notch but we could not get beyond "Acquiring Signal". Long story --- had call in to DTV for installer come out MOnday first thing (lucky to get appt this quick) and he was there over 2 hours replacing dish, cables, switches, everything but the box. He could not get a signal on either box. he concluded half of each box must have been damaged somehow when the dish was moved. ???:confused:

The recorded shows still played but I've been watching tv through rabbit ears since Thursday when the began the roof job. DTV CS is overnighting two new boxes I will swap tonight. Then I have the installer coming back out Thursday to clean up some of mess from replacing cables and to generally "sign off" that I am once again Happy customer.

Anyway, sorry for long post but wanted to share the experience - lessons learned, etc.

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Glad you where taken care of. Let us know if your new boxes work correctly one you get them installed.
Ok, here's the summary - comedy of errors:

1. Monday - DTV installer checks out botched job by roofers reinstallation of 7 y/o DTV plus parabolic two lnb dish. (btw, there is a small maple tree nearby that I trim every year. Had a couple of drop outs due to high winds until leaves fell off - perfect since fall - see where this is going...)

2. He could not get signal with old dish so he replaced with current 3 lnb multi dish. Still no signal so fast forward to today.

3. New/diff installer shows up. No signal at dish. Says its the tree and the new dish does not curve as much as old and maybe the roofers moved position of old right behind 4" diameter tree.

4. MOve dish = upper 90's signal. I ship back two R15s fedexed earlier. We keep our previously recorded shows.

Shoulda upgraded to HD but got too much exp. $$ tied up in new roof, Xmas, etc.

thanks for listening.
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Glad you got your signal back and didn't lose any shows in doing it. :)
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