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I recently became a dtv customer this week...I purchased an am-21 to pair with my hr-34...it was all hooked up tuesday eve...I scanned and added all the extra ota channels...then on Wed am, an update came through to add the new UI and guide to all 4 of my boxes...all my hr-24's (3x) got the new UI and guide but my hr-34 is still stuck on the old UI...

I have tried a reset...also tried to unhook the am-21 from the hr-34 and do another reset...the hr-34 stil doesnt have the new UI...

Help? what are my other options? Of course I called dtv and they are clueless and tech support escalated it to programmers but I got no resolution...my only other thought is to do a factory reset and wipe the box and new ota channels off...my theory is adding the am-21/new added ota channels before the UI update prevented the new UI/guide to switch over...thinking by wiping it down to before I added the am-21, I might be able to get the new UI loaded up then hook the am-21 back up and start the process over again...

I hate to wipe the hr-34 clean as I have a lot of dvr stuff set up already but one of the points of switching back to dtv was for hr-34 and dtv finally has a solid/smooth UI with the new update...

any help would be very much appreciated....thanks!

PS, I have software 0x4c9 which I was told by Dtv is the correct software for new UI/Guide

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While I don't have one myself, I don't believe the HR34 gets the new UI at this time. 0x04C9 appears to be the latest firmware for the HR34. I would assume that at some time in the future it would get the HD UI.
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