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All I want to do is this (D* guide, Internet site, I don't care)...

Select a sport, select a team, and see the exact time and channel when those events will occur. For example:

Soccer -> USA Men returns...

USA vs. XXX, Sat 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM on Channel A
USA vs. YYY, Tues 1:00 AM - 2:30 AM on Channel B
USA vs. ZZZ, Thurs 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM on Channel A

I am avoiding NBCOlympics.com because it also shows results (I don't want to know who has already won certain events). With a lot of searching, I can usually figure out when something is on and what channel, but if I go to record, there is a 8 hour block of programming called XXIX Summer Olympics (not much help)! If I had an easy way to get the information above very quickly, I don't mind setting up a manual recording.

Surly it can't be this hard. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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Here what I did to avoid seeing results:
Go to NBCOlympics.com ...quickly click TV/Online listings (don't peak at the rest of the page)...now enter your zipcode...and it'll take you to the TV listings for your market. Now bookmark (favorites) that page. No results on this page (as I can see) and you have your complete listing of all channels.

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cdizzy said:
Here is a HD listing of events. Not sure if it's what your looking for or not.

I just got up at 5am put the TV on channel 755 and enjoy an incredible day of games :) I plan on doing the same for the rest of the tournament. I will however be recording all the USA Basketball games and watching some of the other matches in that tournament when I can.

Huge Kudos to NBC for giving us these 2 dedicated channels :grin:
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