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I am sure someone direct me to some long past thread here but I did query and have no answer that I feel is acceptable.

NOTE: Apple's app for Directv appears far superior to ANDROID Directv Apps. This is based on regular DTV channel selections with premium channels being about equal.
I own a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and wife has IPAD2. We both lean accordingly.

A. Does the new IPAD 4 with Retina display have better graphics with DTV content?
B. The new mini-IPAD would be great but the display is still non-retina with the A5 chipset. Should I wait for the increase in pixels and A6 chip?
C. I love the Galaxy, but is the same content with the DTV app forthcoming to the Android versions?

This really all boils down to Christmas gifts and whether a tablet that can display more DTV with more clarity is on Santa's list. Of course I could always buy the wife a new vacuum cleaner.

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My wife had an ipad 2 but I sold it earlier this week because she wanted the ipad mini. I told her to get the ipad 4 instead since it was supposed to be faster, better screen etc. While she was standing in line I told her to go ahead and get the ipad mini too if she really wanted it (of course she did) :lol:

Anyways, to be honest I can't really tell a difference in the retina screen compared to the older ipad 2 screen. My wife however says she can tell and she is the one that uses it constantly. I put the ipad mini (which still has the same resolution as the ipad 2) right next to the ipad 4 and I still couldn't see a difference.
We both love the mini and since it is smaller the screen should look sharper at the 1024x768 res than the ipad 2 did with the larger screen so I don't think the retina screen would make as much difference plus the A5 chip with it's gpu should be fine since it doesn't have to work as hard like it does on the retina screens. We love the ipad 4 also but the mini is just so light and fits in your hand perfectly which is nice.

As for the Directv graphics, still looks the same to me as it did on the ipad 2.
Since we don't have a Directv receiver in the bedroom I thought why not just use the Directv App with an Apple TV and mirror what is on the ipad to the tv. So I went and bought an Apple TV and she can pull up Directv channels now and watch it on the TV. It isn't HD quality and it doesn't fill the TV screen (we use the TV zoom function to help fill it out) but my wife says it looks fine to her.

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If you questions relate specifically to Directv and the tablets, I can't think of a reason why an A6 will be better performing for watching video, Nomad or DVR scheduling vs. an A5.

Your viewiing pleasure is limited by the downloading speed and content, not the processor.

I have the ipad3 with retina display and compared to the ipad1 when I watch Nomad content on either, they are the same. Now if Directv ever does HD Nomad, it might make a difference but I have no idea.
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