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HELP! Kentucky basketball fan.

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Good Evening:

I am at a friends house and for some reason Dish Network is telling him that he is living in an area where his Fox Sport Regional channel is out of Cincinnati and not Fox Sports South. I live north of him in Fayette County and I have Fox Sports South as my channel. How can we convince them that Jessamine County should have Fox Sports South before the Kentucky game starts at 8:30. That is a little over two hours away Thanks for any help

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This is something that is determined by address. If he has the correct address on his Dish account then that is the RSN that is mapped to that address. Nothing you can do. Sorry.
No worries tonight. According to the program guide, ESPN Full Court is in Free Preview, so you should be able to watch the game on Channel 462. Unless the guide is wrong. :)
I like your spirit, dude. I love college basketball and I'd be doing the same thing to try and watch a top game.


I had a similar problem. I live near Ashland, KY and I bought the Full Court package because the Kentucky games have never been blacked out until last night. All of the SEC games were blacked out last night. The CSR said they were at the mercy of ESPN, but I have friends who live in other parts of the state with satellite or cable and the only people who couldn't watch the game because it was blacked out on Full Court were Dish customers. My family was not happy at all and I have no idea what the problem was.:mad:
I had the same issue and I'm still pretty ticked off about it, I paid way too much money for the Full Court package to have every game I care about blacked out and unavailable to me because Dish has decided I should get Fox Cincinnati (I'm in Northern Kentucky) when the cable company and even D* provide Fox South to everyone on my street. I complained to a CSR for a VERY long time and then asked for a supervisor only to wait 15 minutes to be told that the supervisor was on another call and couldn't do anything to help anyway. They offered me a $5 credit for my trouble, which is more like a slap in the face when I paid $150 for the package!

I ended up having them add the Regional Sports package to my account so I could watch the game but of course that's just going to cost me another $5 a month! I sent [email protected] a (rather lenghty) e-mail asking them to explain why they assign a different regional than the other carriers and why they didn't tell me before I paid for the Full Court package that the rules have changed - if they had I would have never renewed it! I think all the E* UK fans need to do the same thing and make sure they understand how seriously we take our BBall here in the Bluegrass!

Go Cats!!
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FTA Michael said:
No worries tonight. According to the program guide, ESPN Full Court is in Free Preview, so you should be able to watch the game on Channel 462. Unless the guide is wrong. :)
It was blacked out on Full Court, which is complete BS if you ask me because the game was NOT available to us in any other fashion other than another PPV package (Regional Sports Package) and that is the only time blackout rules should apply!!

I've complained about this for years but sucked it up and paid for Full Court so I could watch the SEC, but the fact is that Dish is the only provider in my area that does not have the games available as part of the basic package so unless they are willing to do something about it I'll be selling my 622s and going elsewhere once my 18 month commitment is up later this year.
First let me say how impressed I am with how quickly I received a response from my email to Dish, it took them only a few hours even on the weekend! They have agreed to give me the regional sports package ($6 per month) through April to resolve the issue and this is a fair deal to me. I will be sure to not sub to Full Court next year and just do the regional package which will be a much cheaper solution anyway! I would suggest that an other Full Court subs that have blackout issues do the same thing.
I also emailed [email protected] and have yet to hear a reasonable explanation. The guy is trying to help, but he said that another service provider shouldn't have been able to show the UK/Ole Miss game on Full Court either and he doesn't know why it happened. He also said an address could have been put in the service provider's computer wrong. That would make sense if it were a couple of people, but I find it hard to believe that two separate companies like Time-Warner and Directv could have mistakenly put in customers' addresses wrong...C'mon!:nono2:
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