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help on converting old c band bud to ku band

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just a quick question on converting my newly aquired bud to ku band. the existing c band lnb is fully functional and is cool. is it possible to pick up sats like e*7 on ku band with a bud? if so, can i use a c/ku prime focus lnb? any help on this matter is greatly appreciated and is better than the old trial and error method. thx in advance
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DBS Satellites (such as E7) are not in the usual FSS KU band and are circular polarized instead of H/V. A normal LNB isn't going to work very well.

There isn't much on E7 at 119° that is unscrambled. Probably too much work for too little reward.
Which band of ku? DBS isn't standard ku ...
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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