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help on converting old c band bud to ku band

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just a quick question on converting my newly aquired bud to ku band. the existing c band lnb is fully functional and is cool. is it possible to pick up sats like e*7 on ku band with a bud? if so, can i use a c/ku prime focus lnb? any help on this matter is greatly appreciated and is better than the old trial and error method. thx in advance
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i had read in other fourms that if a #2 pencil will not fit through the mesh it will work for circular polarized satellites. if this is true is there an lnb that will work for my application. i'm trying to pick up raw feeds
the lead on a#2 pencil just fits through the mesh after it is sharpened. is this too large and if not what type of lnb must be used. i have reasearched this and have found a combinaion c/ku band lnb. will this work?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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