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Help Please: Sat 2 No Signal

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I have 2 DVR's. One is an HR20-700 and the other is an old Hughes SD40. Last night it was very windy and our power went out for about 2 seconds and came right back on.

I am having no problems with the HR20-700. However, the Hughes can only get signal on Sat 1 and not Sat 2. I have had this particular setup for a while and there are 2 cables going into the satellite in's on it. For an experiment, I switched the cables, and then it said no signal on Sat 1. I've also tried rebooting it as well.

I have what I assume is a multi-switch. It's a long metal bar, with 4 lines coming in and 4 lines going out.

Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem? Thanking in advance for any help.
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It sounds more like a grounding block and not a multiswitch, you most likely won't have a multiswitch with just 4 tuners.

You could try checking all of the connectors for corrosion or short center conductors and then try a reboot.
If switching cables between the tuners moves the problem, almost certainly a cable connector issue on the cable that is currently connected to the tuner with no signal. look for a loose or corroded connector, or one where the center conductor isn't long enough. The grounding block outside the house is often the place where you will find a corroded connector.
go to this long metal bar you call a switch and a) take a picture for us b) disconnect one out put cable at a time until you know which line goes to which reciever.

Put an ohm meter on one end of the cable and short the other end, do you have any reading on the meter?

Sounds like you have either a bad cable, or bad switch.
Thanks so much for the replies, I really appreciate it. The thing I called a multiswitch or grounding block is up in the ceiling in the basement, but I will take a pic and post it. The setup screen on the DVR called it a 4 port multiswitch, but maybe it's not? I did look at the grounding block outside, and checked for corrosion but didn't find any. It's strange that this happened after a very windy day and subsequent short power outage. I mean you wouldn't think that would cause the cable to go bad, but I really don't know about these things.

UPDATE: I sort of fixed it. I removed a diplexer (it says PVDP3 Diplexer on it) that was part of the cable run going into the DVR. It was installed a while ago so that I could use a DVD recorder I was using before I got the DVR. I don't use the DVD recorder anymore, so I should have just removed the darn diplexer a while ago.

So now I'm getting signal from Sat 1 and Sat 2. However, it says it can't acquire the information from the satellite and I don't know what would cause that.

UPDATE 2: Went through set up again and this time it acquired the info from the satellite, so it's working now. Thanks again!
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Dude. Its time for an upgrade. get a new hd dvr. might be free.
ds2992 said:
Dude. Its time for an upgrade. get a new hd dvr. might be free.
I have an HD dvr, but you're right, I should get one for the bedroom too.
Well...I'm back, with the same issue again. TV says searching for signal on Sat 2. So I rebooted the DVR, and when it comes back up and I go through setup where it shows signal strength for each satellite, Sat 1 is strong (in the 90s), and Sat 2 shows signal (in the 80s) and then suddenly, signal on Sat 2 goes to 0. I have checked the coax connectors on the grounding block/splitter on the outside of the house, right before it comes in the house, and also the grounding block that is down our basement. All connections seem to be good and I couldn't see any visible corrosion.

Also of note, it was very windy again last night, like it was the first time this happened. I have a Slimline dish with 3 round things at the dish (LNBs ?). Is there anywhere else where I might check the connections, like at the dish itself? Of course that means getting up on the roof, so I would have to get Directv out, which it seems like I might have to do anyway.

Another question, can coax go bad all of the sudden? Or does this sound like it could be the DVR itself. I have another one which I used for parts when I had to replace the power supply, so if there's anything else I need, I still have one for parts, and yeah I know I need to upgrade but don't want to get into a contract at this time.

Thanks again, I appreciate any help.
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The wind could be the common factor here. I would check the outside cables and make sure they are tight. Also check the center conductor and braided wires to make sure they aren't touching.
studechip said:
The wind could be the common factor here. I would check the outside cables and make sure they are tight. Also check the center conductor and braided wires to make sure they aren't touching.
Yeah, I think it's the wind too. Just strange that it happened only when we had high winds, so something has to be loose up there.

The outside cables where it goes into the house are tight. I guess my question is are there connections right at the dish that should be checked?
Yeah, right inside the LNB arm. You have to take the LNB off to get at the connections. While you're up there, don't forget to wiggle the dish and see if the mount is loose too.
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