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Help-Point dish 1000.2 proplus

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88007 ZIP New Mexico-using TV to aim dish-have el 5 degrees higher than spec to get signal--lock on to 119 on 119, 110 on 110 rcvr setting and also get 110 on 129 setting! --if on 119 setting and cover the 129 lnb( one on left) I loose signal--what is going on ???-check switch shows
port1-110, port 2-conn, port3-119---hope I am providing enough info--have pointed this dish all over the place for 5 days and can't seem to get the 129 to come in ??--I have one coax connected to port 1 on dish and into separator and vip722 receiver


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It should list as 119-110-129 in the install summary when pointed properly. Right now, you're getting 110 on the 119 LNB, and 119 on the 129 LNB. Here are the angle that I get from dishpointer.com

Address: 88007
Latitude: 32.4974°
Longitude: -106.9595°

Satellite: Dish 1000.2 (110W, 119W, 129W)
Elevation: 50.0°
Azimuth (true): 201.6°
Azimuth (magn.): 192.6°
Hi Matt--When I set the elevation at 50 --can't seem to get any signal?? when sweeping slowly from thru 190 + -, when I have the rcvr set on 119--why or how is it showing signal being received on the 110 or 129 lnb--I would think that only the center 119 lnb is turned on or connected to the coax--guess I don't understand how the switch works--is the edge of the elevation nut used as the set point or the center of the bolt?? thanks for your help
You need to make sure your mast (pipe) is plumb (level both ways) before trying to peak the dish. If it is not plumb, the settings are meaningless, because they assume that it is plumb. Once it's plumb, set the dish as specified, and start aiming from far to the west (right if standing behind the dish) and slowly swing it to the east.

Also, before you start pointing again, unhook the coax from the receiver and run a checkswitch again to clear the incorrect switch matrix you are showing currently.
Thanks to both posters--clearing the check switch and resetting the angles allowed all three satellites to come in perfect--so simple when everything is just right--thanks again for your help
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