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help!! programming remotes

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hey all,

I just had 4 black h21s installed all in the same room and one the same wall. I would love to know how to program each remote for an individual receiver, and if possible control an individual television as well. I have searched the forums and have not found to much :nono:, I am sure I am just not well versed on the search feature and what to look for to help my situation. I appreciate you guys letting me join your world, thanks in advance.

4tvsononewall :D
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:welcome_s to DBSTalk!

Well there are only two IR codes for the H21's (00001 and 00002), so you would have to program all four for RF or two for IR and the other two for RF.

To set them up you need to go to the menu/setup/remote and change it to RF and than follow the instructions for each unit and it will give you the code.

As for the TV's the only way to do is if each TV is a different manufacture you can program each one into a different remote. If they are all the same manufacture than they will all be controlled together.
You really need an RF remote with an addresable base station.
About your only shot is:
something like the 850 (and above) with the MRF basestations..
Why do you have 4 TV's on one wall???
idigg said:
Why do you have 4 TV's on one wall???
Sounds like a sports fan to me.
Herdfan said:
Sounds like a sports fan to me.
Huge sports fan, watch as many college football and NFL games as I can, can't wait for September, now if I can just get the multi switch going or something.
4tvsononewall said:
now if I can just get the multi switch going or something.
You wouldn't have a picture on any of the 4 if your multiswitch was not working.

RF remote sounds like the most feasable option, otherwise you'll change the channel on all 4 at once.

Question: Are all 4 tv's the same brand/model?
Help! I had two receivers (HD-DVR and HD) installed on one TV. Installer programmed one remote for both receivers out of convience I guess. This is causing me problems. For example, when my HD-DVR is programming two shows at the same time, I use the HD receiver to watch TV; however, when I change channels, it also changes the channels on the HD-DVR, which affects the shows I am recording? Any ideas on how to rectify this?
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