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Help, "searching for signal on satellite in 2... (771) error

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We've had our HR20-100 for about a year, with a 750 GB FAP eSATA drive. Other than the drive being wiped a couple of times on software updates, not a lot of problems. However since a few days ago I get "Searching for signal on satellite in 2... (771)" errors on any channel coming from the 99 deg slot... channels 206, 209, 245, 259, 281, 286, 292, 306, 311. I went to check signal strengths and on both 99(s) and 99(c), all signal strengths which aren't "N/A" are 0, on both tuners. Signal strengths on other sats on both tuners vary from mid-90s to some around 80.

I tried a menu reset and a red button reset, no help.

We did have high winds a few days ago, but that seems unlikely to me to be the problem since the signal strengths are 0, rather than just low, plus it's been OK for the last year up until now and this wasn't the first windy day. Also doesn't seem like it could be a tuner or cable that died or bad connection since it's the same on both tuners...?

Any ideas? I guess I'm going to have to call DirecTV, but I don't want to waste a lot of time on the phone with them, plus it's going to be irritating if they need to replace the box, to lose all of the shows we have recorded.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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If 99(c) is all zeros on both tuners, please post your signals on 103(c), both tuners, unless they are substantially the same.

Satellite transponders (14 total at 103º(c)
[Most national HD channels]
1-8 # # # # # # # #
9-16 # # # # # # NA NA
17-24 0 NA NA NA NA 0 NA NA
Re: 103(c), I was just trying to get a general idea about your alignment, which is a little off. If you wind up needing a service call, it would be worth a nice tip to nudge those up mostly into the 90's, if you get a tech who has a clue.

I assume you have no other HD receivers to double check those 99(c)'s and further that you're not using an external multi-switch (because you have a bunch of SD receivers), i.e., that your HR20-100 is connected straight to the dish.

Sounds like it's unlikely to be a connector/cabling problem, since both tuners are effected. That leaves the LNB or the receiver.

As always, it's a good idea to do a cold reboot after a "gentle shutdown", overnight or while you're at work, whenever problems occur that are not cured by a regular reboot. This requires doing a Restart Recorder from the Reset menu under System Setup. You pull the plug on it during the brief interlude when the front panel lights go out.

If this doesn't cure it, you're most likely looking at an LNB problem. Is this a Slimline or an AT-9 older model dish? If you have an AT-9 and the LNB is bad, you're going to get a whole new Slimline dish with a whole new alignment to go with it.
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machlis said:
......BTW, this may be a dumb question, but what do the (s) and (c) mean after the satellite slot numbers?
Sorry, I meant to answer that above. The menu pages with "s" suffixes denote pages which show local TV station rebroadcast (LiL) Ka spot beams, whether HD or SD, from DirecTV11 and Spaceway2, 99(s), and DirecTV10 and Spaceway1, 103(s). Most are HD. Consequently, you should expect to see widely varying signal strengths on the transponders shown on those menu pages, and they should not be used to judge your alignment. Prior to DirecTV10 & 11, they were, however, used for Ka alignment peaking, but without reference to the final signal strength numbers.

Both the 101 group of satellites and the 119 satellite also have spot beam transponders, so you will also see some low or "0" signal strengths on certain transponders on those menu pages. 101 spot beams are 4, 12, 18, 20, 26 and 28. For 119 they are 23, 25, 29, & 31
The AT-9's work fine, but they are more trouble-prone in general. You may have to get it replaced with a Slimline.
machlis said:
.....I went to check signal strengths and on both 99(s) and 99(c), all signal strengths which aren't "N/A" are 0, on both tuners. Signal strengths on other sats on both tuners vary from mid-90s to some around 80.....
Doubt if your dish needs "adjustment," if the above is correct. It may need a new LNB, though. Too bad you have to have a service call, because if it's a receiver problem instead, you probably could have gotten it replaced for $20. No way to tell with only one receiver.....
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