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Help!! Stop Disney from going fullscreen

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Disney has just turned a corner with a new policy that all future "B" family titles will be released in P/S 4x3 only. This step is in response to the growing number of complaints they've been receiving about "black bars" by the average consumer who is not familiar with the concept (or benefit) of letterboxing.

Snow Dogs and Muppet Treasure Island are but two of the many soon-to-be-released P/S only DVD titles.

Right now is a *very* critical time for the future of all Disney DVDs as their marketing executives are in the process of finalizing their policy decisions on OAR and DVD. If home-theater enthusiasts wish to continue to be able to purchase WS 16x9 DVDs of "family - B" titles from Disney they need to act quickly and in great numbers.

Consumers who wish to place their vote to advocate for DVDs being presented in their original aspect ratio need to contact Disney by *both* of the following means:

[email protected]
Call 1-800-72-DISNEY & email [email protected] and tell them you won't accept Pan&Scan-only DVD releases!
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An off topic question. Are any of the old classics (pre 1953) from Disney available in anything other than full screen?
Colored TV brought the change in movie aspect ratio. It also changed the presentation from a more personal note to a more grandiose one. This does not mean that either aspect is preferable with all movies, but fits better with a certain type of presentation. I do think it's preferable not to change the original intent of the movie.
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