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Help with dish 6000 & 2700 hookup

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I have a dish 500 dish with two dual lnbs, and a standard 18 dish with dual lnbs pointed at 61.5 (HDTV). My two receivers are a 2700 and a 6000. I have two of the outputs from the 500 dish going to a SW21 switch and then to a 2700 receiver which works fine. Can I take the other two ouputs from the 500 dish and put them into a SW21 and then put the output of that switch into another SW21 which also hooked to the 61.5 dish (see diagram below). Dish network tech support says that I need a SW-64 to accomplish this. Is that true?

61.5 ------SW21--------to 6000.
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No can do - You CANNOT cascade 2 SW21's.

Your options -
Replace the 2 Dual LNB's on your Dish500 with either a TWIN or QUAD ( then you can cascade this with the 61.5 dish )

Or you can replace the SW21's with a SW64 (all outputs from all 3 Dual LNB's into the SW64).
Not what I wanted to hear, but thanks for the info.
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