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Help with HD's

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OK...here is my dilemma. I'm currently in an apt....I have a DIsh 1000 with a 625 DVR....i'll be moving into a new home in a few months....28704 is the zip code. I get Greenville, SC tv stations in my package. I was told, in order to get HD local channels, i would have to have a separate dish to get them....on top of the 1000 that I have already......

I can't seem to find what satellite they are on....BTW< i have the 622 ready to roll for the HD service

any help would ROCK
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The Greenville, SC HD's are on 61.5°. (Go to http://www.dishuser.org/dishlist.php and search/find Greenville. It will take a few "next" clicks, but they are there.)
Greenville, SC is one of the initial Eastern Arc markets that can use the new Dish 1000.4 if you have only MPEG-4 receivers. If you're keeping the 625 you'll have to use the 2-dish solution. The EA dish is still being offered only to new customers.
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