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Help with HR24-100 Deca Setup Problems/Internet Issue

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I had my Directv installed about a year ago and ever since day one my internet/on demand has never worked. I should have just called Directv back as soon as I realized it wasn't working, but frankly I was very disappointed with their installer and with dealing with them on the phone so I figured I'd just fix it myself. A year later and I'm finally getting around to it, and I need some help. I've searched the internet and this forum extensively and think I'm doing things properly but it still doesn't work. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The problem: No internet connection through my HD-DVR HR24-100 box, my Deca has no internet light illuminated and my clink light flashes orange

The equipment:
SWM Slimline Dish (Single-Wire)
21V Power inserter
1 x 4 splitter
HR24-100 HD DVR
Non HD Non DVR Receiver - Not sure the model # but I could get it if need be
DECA Broadband Adapter #DECABB1MR0-01 [color black], with 12V power supply

My Current setup:
Dish to splitter, Power Insert is attached to the red DC power pass output on the splitter, the other 2 outlet ports of the splitter go to the 2 receivers, the 4th and final output port of the splitter goes to the Deca, Deca is connected to my router via the Ethernet cable

What am I doing wrong and thanks in advance!!!
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On first look, it doesn't seem you're doing anything wrong.
Since the BB DECA has a blinking cLink, then the coax it's connected to isn't seeing the DECA in the HR24-100.
Have you ever connected a ethernet cable to the 24? This normally disables the DECA in it.
Check its info screen and see if it shows "coax connected" under networking.
If not, then you might reboot it or re-run the SAT setup.
Also check the coax to the BB DECA to make sure there isn't something like a diplexer on the line.
If you are still having problems, you might [temp] move the BB DECA to where your SD receiver is and see if it will sync with the 24 there. It doesn't need to be connected to your router for the cLink to sync.

"Just some steps to try".

Post any/all results and we can take it from there.
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