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Help with loss on 110 odd TP's

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Long time lurker, first time poster...

I need to get some help trying to figure out where my problem is.

After I switched to Dish 500 with the 2 sat dish, I've had a big signal strength difference on 119 and 110.

119 is about 100-120
100 is about 40-70
Dual LNB's
Switch check is fine, reception verified.
501, 5000 and a 1000 all showing similar problems.

Never had a problem until recently when I am unable to get several channels that correspond to 110 tp 19, 21, 25.

When I go into the signal strength window and check the strength on those transponders, its either at 0 or extremely low and can't lock.

I called dish CSR and they told me to switch the cables around my SW44, which only resulted in no sattellites locking. They weren't much help, seemed like they were in a hurry to get to another call...

I think I might have a bad SW44 or a bad LNB? It's a dual LNB and not a Quad if that makes a difference.

I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me figure out this problem so it doesn't cause me any more problems...

Any good installers in the Minneapolis area? I'd love to have someone come out and take a look to make sure it's all set up right...
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If you were only getting 40-70 on 110, you're Dish needs to be aimed better. The signal strengths of both 110 and 119 should be closer. Anything less than 70 is too weak and will be prone to loss of lock.
Having said that is there anything that might be blocking your view of 110
I have a pretty good view of 110 nothing obstructing the view.

Or at least I think, forgot where I put that sextant and hard to figure out exactly where that sat is :) But I think I'ts pretty clear.

One thing to note, on 110 transponders under 10 are at 70+ both odd and even, so that kinda makes me wonder.

Any other thoughts?

Anyone know what it might cost me to have someone to come out and look at it and attempt to fix it?
Since you have 2 dual lnb's swap them. Take the one on the left hand side to the right hand side and vice versa. Once you do this if you do have a defective lnbf the problem would "swap" over to the 119 satellite and the 110 satellite would work fine.
Do I have to switch it at the dish? Or can I just swap the cables at the SW44 which is inside the house?

The dish is on the roof, so not all that willing to climb up there if I don't have to.
Switch it at the Dish. That will tell you whether you have a bad LNB. If the LNB is not bad, you probably have a bad Switch 44. You can test the Switch44 by disconnecting it, and connecting one of the 110 leads directly to the receiver. Then checl your transponders on 110. I still think you need to tweak your aim a little bit however, 70 is too low, Start with your verical and move it a tiny bit up or down to see if it changes your signal strength on 110. If that dowsn't help, move it side to side a little bit to see if it helps.
Ok, so it looks like I'll be getting up on a ladder tommorrow and attempting to switch the LNB's...

Does anyone know of an installer in Minneapolis, MN area that would come out and troubleshoot for me? I am willing to pay a resonable price to get this working again.

Or is the best way just to call dish and have them arrange it?

Back from the roof, and boy are things off if my calculations are correct.

According to the dish 500 install program, my azimuth should be 205 elevation 34 and skew 110.

Based on my basic skills, I noticed the dish was about 190 degrees, elevation about 30 and skew 120.

Boy did the previous installers do a horrible job or what???

Rather then trying to adjust this myself, I called dish...

Nice CSR told me that it had been more then 3 months and the install was out of warranty, but for 59 bucks they'd dispatch someone and have them look at it.

I am rather surprised that I am getting signal at all. I didn't think there was that much tolerance in positioning?

The other thing I noticed was that the 110 LNB is the old LNB from when I first got dish. I am assuming that is standard practice to use the old LNB when upgrading a dish 500?

Anyway, they'll be here on Wednesday...

One other question, should there be a angle from the LNB's to the dish? Or should they point somewhat straight at the dish? My 119 is pretty much straight and the 110 is at a slight angle pointing back at 119???

Oh well, thanks for the help, I'll post the final results on Wednesday, 59 bucks lighter... (plus parts :) )
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There should not be angle. 119 and 110 LNBs should be pretty much even. Who did your Dish 500 Install. If it was Dish, I'd complain and get your $59 back.
Yeah, it was the only thing I didn't complain about when they did the install.

Some installer that Dish sent out, this time I requested that they not be dispatched again.

The way I look at it, I complained about the install at first, so they refunded the dish 500 upgrade costs in programing discounts and credits which more then make up for the 59 bucks I'll spend.

As long as this installer does it right, I'll be happy, if they don't Dish will definately hear from me.

I've had nothing but problems with my Dish 500 and my 501. Before that upgrade, everything was excellent, so I'm hoping it just goes back to a horrible install.

Thanks for all the assistance, I'm pretty sure I have a bad LNB on 110, but I'll leave it up to someone else to decide.
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I sounds like The installer pocketed your new lnb. I would say something about that. lnb's are $70 bucks. It does'nt make sense to give you a new dish and use the old lnb.
DISH's policy is to upgrade from a Dish 300 to a 500 by using the old LNBF (wether it was a single or dual) and providing 1 new dual LNBF. That is the way the upgrade kits are packed out nobody is stealing any equipment.
No kidding. Boy there really trying to stretch the penny. You think they would give you 2 new ones.

Installer came out... Same one who did the dish 500 upgrade :(

Reaimed the Dish. Helped a bit.

Replaced the 110 LNB (the old one) it improved slightly.

Redid a few coax connections at dish and at SW44, again a small improvement.

Finally decided to try a new SW44. Problem solved.

I now have an even signal across both sats 110 and 119 and on odd and even TP's.

Funny thing was, the old LNB had a rattle, like something broke loose. Not sure if that contributed to the problem or not.

Anyway, 59 bucks later, plus the 1.99 extended warranty per month and I am now set.

Some might say I shouldn't even have had to pay the 59bucks, but considering they refunded the original dish 500 upgrade, guess its only right to finally pay to have it done right.
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