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toade said:
I've been a D* customer since 2004. Always premier package, always paid bill on time. These days the bill is getting pretty large ($150/mo for four HD-DVRs). I'm about to move to a new city, and was going to call D* and try and get them to lower my monthly.

In the past I've called retention and have always been able to get them to give me some discounts. It's been a couple years since I've done that though.

Anyway, I'm no longer under contract, and I see them offering some pretty great pricing on the Premier package (plus whole-home, plus receivers) for far less than I am paying (like $50/mo less for an entire year). Is it possible to get D* to come close to those offerings... or is it better to just sign up for a new account in my wife's name?

I currently have 3xhr21 and 1xhr22... will they upgrade any of those to new DVRs for free? When you do the move, do they install the whole-home stuff for free? If I do cancel and resign, is it possible to keep and reactivate those under the new contract, or do they take those back when you cancel?

Thanks for any help!
You can always call up and see if they will offer you any discounts, but of course, you are playing CSR roulette with that. If you call retention and threaten to leave unless you get a discount, be prepared to follow through if they don't give you the discounts and cancel you.

Since you are moving, I'd call DirecTV Mover's and see what they can do for you. They will probably allow you to get Whole Home DVR Service installed on the move. It will most likely not be free, but they may discount it for you.

All your DVRs are SWM and MRV compatible, so they will not upgrade them. If the receivers are leased (and most likely they are), if you deactivate one or cancel your service, you will need to return them to DirecTV. DirecTV will send you pre-paid boxes for you to return them.

And while there are offers out there for the Premium Package that are $50 less than you are currently paying, those are offers to draw in new customers. Unfortunately, as a current customer you will find it hard to get those rates.

If you decide to sign up as a new customer under your wife's name, be adivsed that you will need to return all your current hardware, which means you will lose out on any saved programs that you have not watched. Also, you will be under commitment for 2 years as you will be a new customer.

- Merg
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