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Help with new HR34 setup

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Hello all!

I should be receiving my HR34 to do a self install within the next few days.

I used to mess with FTA and old school DirecTV but have done a personal install within 4 years or so.

I currently have an HR24-500 HD DVR and an HR24-100 HD receiver set up in two different rooms using whole home DVR service.

I am replacing the HR24-100 receiver with the HR34 (not adding anything, just replacing that receiver with the new DVR). I just checked my basement and there is a 4-way SWiM DirecTV splitter (MSPLIT4R1-03) with DC Power Pass in my basement. There is one coax cable coming "in" and 3 going "out" with 1 port not used.

My question is in order to complete this installation am I just going to need to order an 8-way splitter instead and wire 5 coax cables to the HR34 or is it more complex than that? What else will I need to purchase and what else will I need to install?

Thank you for all your help in advance!!:)
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The HR34 just uses one coax cable, since it requires SWM. Replacing an HR24 with a 34 is easy when you don't go over 8 tuners and have SWM.
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