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Help With New Setup--HR34, HR20, HR34, Nomad

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Okay, here is my setup. I have an HR20 and an HR22 on one dish. I have an HR34 which required a new dish to be installed today due to the funky way my house was wired by the builder. The HR34 is connected to two SD TVs (for now) which have very small HD receivers that are supposed to be able to play recordings from the HR34--no documentation with the new equipment so I don't know the model numbers. The HR20 and 22 currently have Nomad connected through hard wired ethernet (both 20 and 22 plus the Nomad are hard wired). I did have the 20 and 22 set up with static IPs but when everything got reset today that went away--I can change that easily enough if necessary. The HR34 so far is not set up with static IP.

The installer put a DECA in which is connected by ethernet to my Linksys WRT610N router which I am running behind an AT&T Uverse modem/router with the routing shut off. I have started reading the forums today to figure out how to make everything work together--I am hoping to have whole home so that the HR34, HR20, and HR22 can all see each other. It seems that when there is a DECA, if you connect a receiver with an ethernet cable when the DECA/cinema connection setup is used, the network connection will not work. (I can't test this out because DTV messed up my order and can't authorize whole home DVR for up to 48 hours--I don't understand why).

With the HR20 and 22 on a different dish (5 LNB, now each one operating as a single tuner DVR, again thanks to my funky home cabling setup) and the HR34 connected to the network by DECA, will Whole Home work? If not, how do I fix it--DECAs for the HR20 and 22, disconnect the DECA and connect the HR34 by ethernet to my home network, or something else?

The installer was really good considering the limitations of my wiring, but he only knows what they have taught him--he didn't know about disconnecting the DECA, adding DECAs, or any of that.

Oh yeah, I also have two Slingboxes, but can live with only one of them eventually connected to the HR34, particularly if I can get whole home working so I can see all 3 HRs. Right now they are connected to the HR20 and HR22 (one is a Classic, the other Pro HD).

Sorry for the long post, but it is a rather complicated setup. I appreciate any help I can get to sort everything out.
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I made my first recording on the HR34, reset the Nomad, and the recording showed up in the program list, so the Nomad is seeing everything on the network, whether connected directly by ethernet or by DECA. Good news!
Good to hear that it seems to be workign now. I am curious about the two small receivers you have hooked up to the SD TVs. Could you try to find model numbers on them. They should be on a sticker on the unit somewhere, possibly under a little flap on the front, or on the back/bottom. Most likely they are H25s, but maybe you could be the first to get RVU clients?
I checked today; the small receivers are indeed H25s.
I got DTV to turn on Whole Home this morning--I have no idea what the problem was yesterday. All of the DVRs and the two H25s are seeing all recorded material. The Slingbox works (I left it connected to the HR22 and HR20 just as it was before). The Nomad works. I have been able to play programs from the HR22 and HR34 from all 3 DVRs. Haven't had a chance to check out the H25s yet but they see everything so it should not be an issue.

Everything works as it should! This is despite warnings about connecting DVRs via ethernet, etc. The HR34 is the only box seeing my home network via DECA; everything else is hard wired ethernet connections. Cool!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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