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help with remote

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Hi I just upgraded my receiver to a 625 duel receiver for my kids room. The receiver is not placed in either room where the tv's are located I have an extra uhf pro remote I want to use to control receiver for tv 1 but I cant seem to get it programmed to work anyone have any ideas ? Remote for tv2 receiver works fine.
Thanks Wilssm
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You have to tell the 625 to let you use UHF for TV1 - it's in the setup menues.
You also need to set the address to the same one as the IR TV1 address (and also use the Green TV1 key). I'm using a UHF for my TV1 so I know this works.
Thanks scooper i'll try this.
If you need any further help with this, I can give a little more detailed instructions. Let me know
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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