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:nono2: I am a novice and a little confused.
I have a slimline dish with (3) hr21's and (2) h20's. I am using a Zinwell WB68.
My problem is with one room. It is a rec. room with multiple tv's in it. The original setup about a year ago from the A/V guys and Directv was to have a primary tuner and then they diplexed the signal to the two other tv's to use just as monitors.
The problem is with all the diplexers they used, I am not able to get any of the new hd channels because the diplexers kill the hd signal. I like being able to use one tuner for these 3 tv's but I know this setup is not good now or for the furure.
Also, the current diplexers are being used after the line comes out of the Zinwell.

Is there there a different multi-switch and splitters I can use that will allow the hd signal to pass through?
Also, can I do this with my current slimline dish?
Thank You!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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