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Help with signal problem on only one receiver

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One of my 7 HR boxes has recently started having video and audio dropouts/breakups/freezes and 771 Search for Signal messages. I've watched other boxes on the same channel at the same time and they are all fine. They are all on a SWiM.

The problem box is an HR24-500 and has always been fine previously. I can't think of anything that has changed in the environment.

I appreciate any suggestions on what the problem could be or things to try.
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Yes SWM 16 with two splitters. Moving the problem receiver to the other splitter fixed the problem somehow. Not sure exactly what was wrong, but willing to leave well enough alone for now since everything is working fine again.

The installer used one 4-way splitter and one 8-way splitter. Had 4 DVRs on the 4-way and 3 DVRS + ICK on the 8-way. All had been working well for months.

I moved the problem DVR to the 8-way. So, now have 3 DVRs on the 4-way and 4 DVRs + ICK on the 8-way.

Is it a problem to have 4 DVRs and the ICK on the same splitter? I haven't noticed any problems since I changed it, but haven't tried Apps or VOD.
It looked like the power inserter was on its own line and connected to the power pass port on the 8-way splitter.

I think if I have any more trouble, I'll replace both splitters with new 4-ways just for good measure. But, everything was working fine before and seems to be again now. Hoping it will stay that way.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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