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Help with signal problem on only one receiver

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One of my 7 HR boxes has recently started having video and audio dropouts/breakups/freezes and 771 Search for Signal messages. I've watched other boxes on the same channel at the same time and they are all fine. They are all on a SWiM.

The problem box is an HR24-500 and has always been fine previously. I can't think of anything that has changed in the environment.

I appreciate any suggestions on what the problem could be or things to try.
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Just to verify, you said you had 7 HR2x receivers, so hopefully you have a SWM 16 install right (or 2 6x8 multiswitches if you aren't on SWM)?
Was it possible you have 5 DVRs off one splitter? That could have caused the issue. With all DVRs like that you really shouldn't have splitters bigger than a 4 way. 4 DVRs off one leg on a 4 way splitter and 3 DVRs and the CCK off the other leg and 4 way splitter.
Not really a problem, but the 8 way splitter has more loss than a 4 way would.

Is the power inserter in line between one of the receivers and the splitter, or is it on it's own line to the PWR input on the SWM16?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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