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My gateway 166 got its new 10 gig drive and was running good. I installed a ethernet card and it didnt plug and play. Now all my PCI slots appear dead. My modem, ethernet, etc quit. Although my monitors card still works.

I was interrupted and a neighbor was alone with my computer apart for maybe 5 minutes. Phone call came in. I dont know if its something he did, me or just random chance.

The computer doesnt load / see the PCI slt stuff. Any ideas?
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Could be ESD to the mainboard But most likely just a bad card. It's most likely the bad card would be in the lowest numbered slot (closest to the power supply) that doesn't have a working card (I assume your PCI video card is in slot 0, so the card in the next used slot is likely the bad card - though not for sure)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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