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I would like to upgrade my standard definition Directv to an HD system with a THR22. My house is located such that the reflector will need to point directly at some high voltage lines.

Are there any known issues with tuning satellites when pointing the reflector at high voltage lines which are about 200 feet away?

I'm not worried about the 101 sat because my current reception is good, but I don't know if there will be issues with the 99 and 103 sats.

Thanks for any information.

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The actual signal path is somewhat higher than where the center of the dish is pointing. If the dish is pointing at the high voltage lines, the signal will be well above them. You should have no problems.

Even if the signal path was passing through the lines, I doubt it would be a problem.

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i doubt interference would be an issue, but more of LOS

I have had some wierd pixelation at a house where the dish was pointed towards several overhead power lines. I ended up moving the dish way out back on the garage. The signal levels all showed over 95 but it still pixelated when aimed at the lines.

wind might have been a factor as well moving the lines around a bit.
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