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any anybody notice that the history channel changed its schedule last week and now has messed up some season passes.

ufo hunters
jurassic fight club
ice road truckers

monsterquest ice road truckers: were scheduled to record on sun 9/14 at 8pm and 9pm, but they aired 102 Minutes that Changed America / Witness to 9/11:

now on the history channel website these shows monsterquest ice road turckers are suppose to air on 9/21 but the D* guide shows god vs. satan so the season pass is not going to get them

ufo hunters: my history shows it was a canceled recording because it was no longer available. was to record wed 9/16 9pm

jurassic fight club i guess has moved to wed at 9:00 because DVR canceled the tues 9/16 7:00 and recorded it wed 9/16 9pm which was where ufo hunters was scheduled

the point of all this is that last show of ice road turckers off the ice and monsterquest: china's wildman will not be recorded because these last minute changes and what happened to ufo hunters?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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