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On espn.com, Brian Engblom and Bill Clement break down each series offering their predictions. For the full breakdown, go to the site, but in short, the predictions are:

Blues-Hawks (Blues in 6 b/c Blues accustomed to adversity)
Wings-Nucks (Wings in 6 b/c experience and goaltenders)
Sharks-Coyotes (SJ in 6 b/c od "strength down the middle")
Avs-Kings (Avs in 7 b/c of Avs offense and shot blocking)

Bruins-Habs (B's in 6 b/c of too much firepower)
Isles-Leafs (Isles in 6 b/c of a "hunch") <-wtf
Flyers-Sens (Philly in 7 b/c of Cechmanek, PP, and offense)
Devils-Canes (NJ in 5 b/c of Brodeur and defense)

Their picks were pretty much on the safe side with all but 3 series going to 6 games. The Isles-Leafs prediction was a bit interesting since Clement gave the Leafs the edge as far as gameplay, but I agree with the prediction. Actually, the only prediction I don't agree with is Flyers over Sens in 7...I think 5 or 6 is more likely. Comment away. :)
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