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I picked Boston to win the cup, but Montreal is the one team I'm afraid that could pull off an upset.

Here's what I'm going with:

Montreal vs Boston- This one is more or less a gut feeling. With Theodore in goal, Koivu around for inspiration, and Gilmour providing leadership, I think the Canadiens just have too much momentum and too much karma to be slowed by the Bruins right now. Throw in the fact that teams that go from also-ran to contender in a year are usually upset in the opening round (Dallas in 96, St Louis in 99), and I think this one has the making of another great moment in the Habs' storied history. Montreal in seven.

NY Islanders vs Toronto- Young teams with speed and something to prove are always tough in the playoffs. Throw in experienced goaltending and some leadership and they're downright scary. I predict Yashin has a great playoffs, if only because its too obvious that he doesn't. And with Peca, you can almost guarantee that Sundin will struggle. Osgood is not my favorite, but he's good enough to get hot and put up a wall. Toss in some young guys looking to prove themselves and I think the Isles will be more than TO can handle. New York in seven.

Vancouver vs Detroit- I've always thought that Detroit would have trouble with a fast, aggressive team and Vancouver has the talent to go with it. With Naslund, Bertuzzi, Morrison, Cassels, The Sedins, Linden, Cooke, Hlavac, etc Hasek and his defensemen are going to have their hands full, and you know Jovo and Ohlund are going to make the offensive zone hell for the Red Wing snipers. Toss in the league's most underrated goaltender, a coach that has beaten Bowman before, and a general feeling that Vancouver has nothing to lose and suddenly Detroit has their hands very, very full. Vancouver in seven.

So, there you have it. Any other predictions are welcome or if you just want to bash mine, that's OK, too.
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