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Hello everyone! I am new to DBSTalk and obviously not as computer literate as most of you. Please be gentle. :confused:

My household has 1 laptop (Dell Inspiron 1150 with built-in wireless adapter), 1 desktop PC (eMachines) with a 2-Wire wireless modem, 1 desktop PC that (old as dirt), and 2 DISH satellite receivers. We are considering purchasing a new laptop, surround sound speakers, and an Xbox 360. Also, 2 original Xbox consoles.

I would like to be able to do several wireless tasks.

1. View and use the computer(s) on my tv screen(s).
- to play PC games on the tv
- to access the internet
- to view video and pics

2. Download saved movies from my DISH DVR to an external hardrive.

3. Listen to the DISH music channels via wireless surround sound.

I know I'm asking for a lot here, but I am sure there's a way to do all of this. To complicate matters, my house is three stories with all the electronics spread out through the house.

I would be tremendously gratefull for any guidance.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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