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The Joey 4K is merely a client (as are ALL Joeys) to the Hopper that is incapable of displaying 4K HDR.

The Joey 4 is capable of displaying 4K HDR and also displaying the android apps that the Hopper+ has.

The Joey 4 and the Joey 4K are two seperate appliances - I say it that way because neither is a receiver, they only operate as an additional display connection off the Hopper.

The Dish Anywhere comes from the Hopper w/sling (HWS) or the Hopper3. The Joey 4 is a 4K HDR display apparatus used with the Hopper+ which is and add-on to the HWS or H3, but if the Hopper+ is disconnected from the Hopper, the Joey 4 will still operate off the Hopper as if it were a Joey 3. I'm not certain the Joey 4 will display 4K HDR off channels 540-01 and 540-02 as my TV is 4K non-HDR so I get to see nothing 4K off the Hopper any way.
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